Taylor releases New original EP, Take Her

Taylor Pfeiffer releases Take Her, an EP of five original songs, illustrating Taylor’s growth as a singer/songwriter and musician.

Produced by Simon Johnson, and recorded across the Central Coast of NSW and USA, the EP lends itself to the genre of alternative country, incorporating a unique blend of instruments, banjo and brass in songs Beauty Is The Beast and Take Her. Taylor was highly involved in the production, having clear ideas of the arrangements and the instrumentation of her songs.

The first single, Take Her, is a ‘boppy’ song reminiscing a vaudeville style, ridicules a relationship going nowhere. Accompanied with a music video filmed by JLM Studios, the satirical film documents Taylor Pfeiffer and actor Taylor Allen in the 1920’s, with several humorous encounters between the awkward couple.

Take Her is available from our music store, and digitally on iTunes, Google Play and all streaming services.